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Tools Falling Out of Your Toolbelt?

Keep Your Tools Organized and Accessible with The Mantis Toolbelt Stand

Sick and tired of your tools falling out of your toolbelt? You’re not alone. Whether on the job site or in your truck, keeping your tools in order makes your life easier. With The Mantis Toolbelt Stand, you’ll have easy access to the tools you need to do your job quickly and efficiently.

For only $99 + shipping, you can order this American-made, custom toolbelt stand designed by a tradesman just like you.

Practical and Convenient Toolbelt Stand
for the Busy Tradesman

Mantis Tool Belt Stand

The Mantis Toolbelt Stand is perfect for:

Utility workers
HVAC technicans
And so much more!

Mantis Tool Belt Stand full of tools, toolbelt and accessories

Proudly custom-made in the USA

The Mantis is American-made in Massachusetts. Built by hand from steel, this double-welded durable toolbelt stand is high-quality and built for tough jobs. It’s also portable, making it easy to move around the job site and keeps your tools organized as you move from site to site.

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A Handy Stand for the Handyman

  • ✔ Keeps your tools organized and off the ground
  • ✔ Ensures your tools are accessible
  • ✔ Reduces stress on your body
  • ✔ Allows you to take the toolbelt off without losing access to needed items

No Tool Left Behind!

The average toolbelt weighs 30-pounds! And for many tradesmen, you have more than one toolbelt. This handy addition to your tool arsenal will take the stress out of keeping your tools organized, accessible and off the ground or floor. Easily take it from home to work or keep it in your vehicle to make sure your tools are upright and ready for action.

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